Over the past month, the IV of Swords keeps appearing in my readings for different people. This card is all about rest and relaxing. Usually it appears when someone has completed a large or important task and needs time to recoup after before moving onto the next thing. For example, this card appeared in a reading for someone before they were making a significant move back home to be with family. They had been going, going, going, and literally were planning on taking a much needed pause when we did their reading. Pulling the card just confirmed that the break they were headed towards was exactly what the Universe knew they needed.

I do, however, feel this card has been getting pulled a lot more in general because of everything that’s going on in the world. COVID has literally made the world take a collective pause. Our lives have been nonstop, we’re always connected and on the go. The Universe pulled the IV of Swords on us early this year and went, “everyone needs to take a few months and stop.” Relax might not be the best word here for some, although I know a lot of people are also enjoying more time home with family and pets, so it does relate to those. We are in the midst of the IV of Swords.

We also need to see this card as a recommendation as well. The swords relate to intellect, truth, facts, logic. Right now, no one knows what the future holds and those who like to plan for the future are losing it because it’s impossible to plan. I love seeing the IV of Swords as “take a break from focusing on the news.” Our heads are constantly swirling with (mis/dis)information. Turn off the TV. Close out of social media. Stop thinking. Go outside, social distance from others, and breathe.

Speaking of social media, the IV of Swords could also be showing how we as a society have taken a break from logic and are just trudging forward with our emotions. Sometimes it’s good to not think so much, like I wrote above, but it becomes problematic when we literally stop focusing on what’s a fact and start believing in information we see on TV or social media without critically thinking about what they’re consuming. Lately, it seems like humanity has shut off our brains and are running around purely on emotion. I understand a lot is going on. We are living through a pandemic, Black Lives Matter (which they do; there will be no “all lives matter” on this page,) etc, but we as 21st century humans need to stop being the guy (or sarcophagus depending how you interpret it) resting his brain in the IV of Swords and start thinking. Seek out the facts, check your sources, see what biases you hold (everyone has them) and start contributing to making the world a better place.

A lot of people don’t like the swords because they can be a little too real. They contain the “cold hard facts.” The swords might actually be my favorite suit, though…especially the IV of Swords. We have a lot to learn.

How do you see the IV of Swords? Do you love or hate this suit?