Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to my site! I’m Danielle, lover of all things tarot, astrology, nature, and life. I’m thrilled to have you here and can’t wait to share my passion of tarot with you! ⭐️

My approach to tarot is unique compared to others who read cards. I approach tarot from a personal development perspective. I see the cards as a tool used with intuition to help others gain insight into the past, present and future. I don’t consider myself a fortune teller or psychic. I do know that tarot has helped me and others understand situations they’re in, decisions to make, and what the Universe is trying to tell them.

I have experience in coaching and communication skills, so my readings are very relationship-centered. I have a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and am currently attending grad school for my Master’s of Education (in Adult Learning). My dream is to help you get your questions answered, gain fulfillment in life, and know what you should be aiming towards. Eventually I would love to teach tarot, but that will be a little down the line!

So how did I get started with tarot? I’m relatively new to actually reading the cards myself, but tarot has been in my life since I was 12. Someone close to me read my cards on a summer evening, and I remember thinking it was the coolest thing at the time. I grew up in a Methodist household (actually the organist at my church all through middle and high school) and felt like I was doing something off-limits. (I’m going to add that tarot is not “of the devil” or dark arts the majority of the time.) I had another reading done, and another, and was amazed at how accurate the cards were. I grew to love tarot.

One day, however, The Tower, Death, X of Swords, and King of Pentacles appeared together in a reading. As someone who reads tarot now, the Tower and Death cards can be jarring (and the X of Swords isn’t great…), but usually they’re misunderstood. The person doing my reading looked at me and told me my dad was going to die soon and to prepare myself. I was around 15 years old and spent the next few weeks terrified I was going to lose the closest man in my life! I quickly stopped asking for tarot readings and distanced myself from the art for a few years.

Death, X of Swords, The Tower, King of Pentacles

My dad is still alive and doing well (thank the heavens!).

In college I ended up getting interested in tarot again and bought my first tarot deck, a pocket edition Rider deck. I used it a few times but never really invested time to learn what each of the cards meant and build up my knowledge on the subject. Over the years I was gifted two more sets, bought a Radiant Rider-Waite deck and a Thoth deck. At the time COVID and the lockdown happened, I hadn’t touched my cards in about two years. They sat on my shelf gathering dust.

My Rider Tarot Deck

Halfway through quarantine, about mid-April, I felt something pulling me to the tarot. My mind would wander and come back to the cards on my shelf. I decided to create a space in my home to commit to learning and practicing, where I would not be disturbed. I also was in search of a podcast for quick and easy information on how to remember the cards. I stumbled upon the The Alacrael Tarot podcast on Spotify and knew I found exactly what I was looking for. I absorb information like a sponge and spent hours listening to the descriptions, symbolism, and accepted meanings of each card while having my Rider-Waite pocket edition deck I’d gotten years before in front of me and taking notes. I’ve messaged Alacrael on Instagram a few times and he is a genuinely down-to-earth person. I highly recommend if you’re interested in tarot (which I assume you are if you’re reading this!) to check him out!

I started drawing a card a day and journaling what the images were, the energy I got from the card, and how that might manifest throughout the day (or if I pulled it at night, how the card had related to my day.) I began to really connect with and understand the cards. I did a few practice readings with family and friends and knew I felt a natural flow while using them. While I may consult a book (or two!) on traditional meanings, I have found that by using my knowledge of the cards, intuition, and overall energy and story the cards are telling, I can give meaningful insight to those seeking guidance through me.

Many people were interested in receiving readings from me, and I felt like it was time to make this official. Tarot is a wonderful tool for anyone seeking answers, and I hope if you’re feeling lost, need to make a decision, or just need advice, you can trust me to consult the tarot and help you with whatever it is that’s on your mind!

What is your experience with tarot? Comment below!

Until next time!

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