Intuition is something that I feel modern society tries to discredit. “Follow the logic. Make decisions based off of this set of facts.” While I typically go about my life using my head, over the past few months I’ve been trying to listen to my inner voice more even if doing so goes against what rationally makes sense. The more I’ve acted on a gut feeling I’ve had, the more fruitful and successful my life has been. I’ve also started to manifest what I’ve wanted subconsciously. For example, I was meditating last week and an image of a rose appeared in my mind, its petals opening as I breathed in and closing as I breathed out. I didn’t mention this visualization to anyone. The next day, my husband surprised me with a bath bomb from Lush, and when I opened it, I discovered he bought me a bath bomb shaped like the exact thing I had pictured the day before. I had never seen this bath bomb in my life, and when I asked my husband why he chose that one out of all of the options, he said it just called to him. 🌝

So, what I’m trying to say is, I typically listen to my intuition and it has never let me down. I didn’t do so great listening to it this past Wednesday, 8/26.

For the past five years, I’ve been driving my dream car. It’s a bright red Kia Forte Koup that goes fast, is flashy, and really makes a statement. (I’m an Aquarius which should tell you everything about why I need a fun car.) My husband has been telling me for over a year he doesn’t feel safe with me making my commute to work on the turnpike in it anymore, but I’ve shrugged off his concerns.

For the past few months, I’ve been going into the office on a rotating schedule; the majority of the time I work from home but every third day I’m in the office. I hate my commute and would prefer to work from home, but such is life. Wednesday was my day to go into the office, so that morning I got ready, said goodbye to my husband and dogs, and left in my Kia. The weather was fine when I left, but within minutes it began storming badly, and I had to have my windshield wipers on max speed. About three minutes into my drive, my tire light turned on; it had come on briefly the week before but had since been off. I called my husband and asked if he had looked at my tires and told him about the light. He said nothing looked out of the ordinary when he’d looked at them last week and he’d check on them when I got home after work. That should have been my first sign to stop my commute and just go home, but I kept on going. (In reality what ended up happening wasn’t due to my tire at all, but I feel this was the first instance that morning of the Universe saying, “Hey! Something really bad is about to happen with your car and this is a physical sign that you shouldn’t continue.”) I didn’t listen.

About seven minutes into my drive, my mind started drifting to coffee. I was running a little behind due to the rain, but thought that I still had time to swing by Dunkin’ once I got off the turnpike. Right as I was thinking this, the thought to NOT get on the turnpike and continue on the road I was on to Starbucks slammed into my mind like a ton of bricks. This thought showing up made no sense. I had never, in my three years of driving this commute, went to Starbucks, because it wasn’t on the way. I would have to continue five minutes on the road I was on, turn and drive another five minutes, and then get on a different highway and take a back way to my job. I had never once considered getting coffee there, and the thought was jarring.

I recognized it immediately as my intuition, and instead of listening to it, came up with every reason not to go there for coffee. I told it that Starbucks was out of the way, I was already running behind, and Dunkin’ made more sense overall. As I pulled up to the intersection to turn left towards the turnpike and not continue on to Starbucks, the voice got louder, basically screaming “If you get on the turnpike you’re going to be in trouble! Just go straight. I know what I’m talking about!” Again, I pushed the voice back and after the light turned green, I turned left. After I turned left I had to wait at another light. When it turned green, I tried to accelerate but it felt like my tires were struggling to gain traction in the rain. When I finally moved forward, I thought to myself how that was weird and probably another sign to just turn around, but I felt like I needed to make it to work and turned onto the ramp to get onto the turnpike.

The drive on the turnpike was fine. It was rainy and hard to see, but overall I was in control. It was after I got off the turnpike that things started to go south. I have an E-Z Pass, and as I entered the lane to get off the turnpike, my alert that something was wrong went into high gear. I made it through the gate and noticed there was a semi truck in the right lane next to me. Typically, I would have accelerated and left the semi truck in my dust, but my intuition again spoke and said “DO NOT try to pass this truck.” I felt a feeling of dread bubble up in my stomach and decided to finally listen to my gut feeling. Thank The Heavens I did, because if I didn’t, I may not be here typing this today.

I let the truck move in front of me, and after I felt it was a safe distance away, started to accelerate. Immediately, I heard a loud noise, my car went up in the air, slammed back down, and it was forced to the right. If I had been trying to pass that semi truck I would have slammed right into it. Thankfully, no one else was around and I didn’t hit anything. I immediately hit the brakes and was able to maneuver my car (a large grinding noise happening the whole time) to the right side of the exit ramp. I sat in my car stunned with rain pouring outside and couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Side note – As I was leaving the house before I started off on my commute, I got in my car and something told me to grab my raincoat and rain boots even though it wasn’t raining at my house. I left my car running, and went back in the house to grab them both. They proved to be needed at this next moment in my morning adventure. If I didn’t have them, not only would I be stranded, but I also would have gotten wet at some point.

I called my husband and told him I had a blowout. I assumed it was a blowout since my tire light had been on, and I couldn’t imagine anything else causing what had just happened. Conveniently, my husband’s morning call he had scheduled with a potential client that morning had been rescheduled, so he was able to take the drive out to help me. After I hung up, and as I was waiting, I kept thinking about how instead of being on the turnpike, this could have happened somewhere closer to my house where I wouldn’t have had to worry about driving into semis. I kept thinking about being in the Starbucks parking lot broken down, where I at least could have had a hot coffee while I waited.

The main thing to me was the fact that if I had not finally listened to my intuition about letting the semi pass, I would have been badly hurt instead of only being inconvenienced with a broken car. I kept playing it over and over in my mind while I waited and kept thinking about how I should have just listened to my intuition the four times it had warned me prior.

I finally got out (with my raincoat and rain boots!) after the main part of the storm had passed and looked at my front right tire, expecting it to be flat. Instead, I saw my tire had been punctured and my rim was destroyed. I waited for my husband to get there, and when he did, he pointed out that my control arm had snapped in two. This was way more than a blowout.

We called my dad and had my car towed back to his place. He knows everything about cars and was going to put it on his lift to figure out what had happened.  A day later he called to tell me what he found out. Four years ago someone uninsured hit my car and it had to go to a body shop; the part they used to “fix” my car had to have been pulled from a scrap pile, because the whole piece of the control arm under my car that they had installed was rusted like it was taken off a beater. That part had snapped, caused my wheel well to shift to the right and to the back, causing my car to actually puncture my tire. It was all a freak accident that a franchise like Final Destination could have used.

This incident finally convinced me to get a safer car, much to my husband’s relief. I’m now leasing a Buick Encore and am in love with it. We are also going to keep the Kia as a backup once my dad fixes everything.

This incident taught me never to shrug off my intuition. All of this turned out okay given how bad it could have been, but it also could have been a lot better if I would have listened to what the Universe was trying to tell me in the first place. NEVER tell your gut feeling “no, I’ve got this.” when it’s trying to help. There’s a reason we have an inner voice that tells us what to do, even if it doesn’t make sense. Going to Starbucks wouldn’t have made sense since I was already slow getting to work, but it would have made sense in the fact that I ended up not even getting to work anyway and almost got killed.

Follow your intuition, even if it doesn’t make sense to do so.

💫 Danielle