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We Offer Different Readings Designed to Fit Your Needs

Different tarot readings, called “spreads,” provide different levels of insight. A 2-card spread may offer perspective on a specific situation, where a 3-card spread is more comprehensive. The choice is yours, and we’re happy to help you choose the right reading!

At-A-Glance Reading

We can all use a glance at the cards from time to time. A single card can provide valuable insight right when we need it!

Quick Insight

Having trouble making a decision? Need insight into something on your mind? Maybe you’d just like to see how your week might unfold! This two-card spread can provide understanding into the answers you seek!

Further Understanding

For more comprehensive answers to your questions, this 3-card spread will meet your needs! This spread will be given as a past, present, future reading, providing insight into your situation as a whole.

Emergency Reading

Are you in need of answers now? Do you have a pressing issue that can’t afford to wait? While the normal turnaround time for a reading is 72 hours, we can have this 3-card spread to you in your email within 24 hours!

The Cards

Each card offers a new perspective.

There are 78 cards in the Tarot deck, each with specific energies and insights to share. What story does the tarot paint for you?

Minor Arcana

Major Arcana

Court Cards

Latest Blog Posts

How Not Following My Intuition Almost Got Me Killed

How Not Following My Intuition Almost Got Me Killed

Intuition is something that I feel modern society tries to discredit. "Follow the logic. Make decisions based off of this set of facts." While I typically go about my life using my head, over the past few months I've been trying to listen to my inner voice more even...

IV of Swords and Today

IV of Swords and Today

Over the past month, the IV of Swords keeps appearing in my readings for different people. This card is all about rest and relaxing. Usually it appears when someone has completed a large or important task and needs time to recoup after before moving onto the next...

My Experience with Tarot (A Quick Overview)!

My Experience with Tarot (A Quick Overview)!

Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to my site! I'm Danielle, lover of all things tarot, astrology, nature, and life. I'm thrilled to have you here and can't wait to share my passion of tarot with you! ⭐️ My approach to tarot is unique compared to others who read...

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